The Well of the God Who Sees Me

This poem is based on the story of Hagar in Genesis 16 and Psalms 139. After Hagar encountered God in the desert,

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” That is why the well was called Beer Lahai Roi [The Well of the God Who Sees Me]. (Genesis 16:13-14)

As I read Psalms 139 and Genesis 16, I pondered how wonderful it was to know a God who actually SEES ME. I’m not just an insignificant face in the crowd to Him. He sees all the things I want to hide, but He also sees my fears, sorrows, my love for Him, and what I am becoming. What comfort!

The Well of the God Who Sees Me

God searches and knows me
Both outside and in.
He sees where I’m going;
He knows where I’ve been.
He sees when I sit
And He sees when I rise,
The words that I say
Come as no great surprise.
He hems me with love
That I never can flee.
Such knowledge is wondrous
Too lofty for me!
And, through the cross,
He offers to me
A deep drink at the Well
Of the God Who Sees Me.

This God who sees me
Searches deeply inside,
And sees all the things
That I want to hide.
He sees all my failures,
My envy and greed.
He sees all my anger
And all of my need.
He sees every weakness
And every mistake.
In truth sees my motives
And the excuses I make.
But with mercy and grace,
He still calls out to me
To drink deep at the Well
Of the God Who Sees Me.

Nothing can hide me
From His all-knowing sight.
As He sees in the day
So He sees in the night.
He sees all my troubles;
He knows all my fears.
He sees every heartache
And all of my cares.
He sees when I struggle
To do what is right.
He sees every teardrop
That falls in the night.
He feels every sorrow
As He whispers to me
To drink deep at the Well
Of the God Who Sees Me.

He sees when I’m lonely,
Forsaken, and shunned.
And when I’m surrounded
With no place to run.
When my enemies flourish
And evil is strong,
When I’m lost in the desert
And my hope is all gone,
Then He sees all my suffering,
Knows the anguish I feel.
He sees all my wounds,
Which He’ll bind up and heal.
With compassion and love
He invites tenderly
To drink deep at the Well
Of the God Who Sees Me.

The eyes that see me
Don’t accuse or condemn,
For He sees all my thirst
And my longing for Him.
He sees past my failures;
He sees beyond lies.
He sees all the good
That within me resides.
He sees in me beauty–
A pearl of great price.
He sees I’m becoming
The image of Christ.
With great joy and delight,
He celebrates me
As I drink deep at the Well
 Of the God Who Sees Me.

About TJ

In 2015 my family moved from a small village in mid-Michigan to five beautifully forested acres in Northern Michigan. We love the lakes and rivers, the forests, and the billions of stars we can see in the night sky, as well as the many cultural and historical activities in our area. We also love that the deer and wild turkeys come right up to our house. This is where our hearts are! I have multiple cats (five the last time I counted), and a sweet introverted dog who rarely barks and who deeply loves the six adorable ducks and nine chickens that have become part of our family. I enjoy reading, studying, writing, and learning new things. I also enjoy walking my dog, cuddling my cats, and gardening. I love nature. The world fascinates me.

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