Interestingly, this scripture [in Ephesians 6] uses the word “wrestle” to describe the conflict. The most disciplined athletes I know are wrestlers. In most other sports the players are given a “time out” to catch their breath–not in wrestling. The wrestler has to be in top physical form. Once he enters the ring he can’t let his guard down for even a second or his opponent will pin him to the mat.

Christians can’t say, “Time out, Devil. I need a breather.” He doesn’t take weekends off or Mondays off. He doesn’t take it easy when you’ve been through a tragedy. That’s when he pours on the heat. He’s the original “kick’em while they’re down” person. He is totally evil. He has no sense of mercy, sympathy or what it means to have a fair fight.


About TJ

In 2015 my family moved from a small village in mid-Michigan to five beautifully forested acres in Northern Michigan. We love the lakes and rivers, the forests, and the billions of stars we can see in the night sky, as well as the many cultural and historical activities in our area. We also love that the deer and wild turkeys come right up to our house. This is where our hearts are! I have multiple cats (five the last time I counted), and a sweet introverted dog who rarely barks and who deeply loves the six adorable ducks and nine chickens that have become part of our family. I enjoy reading, studying, writing, and learning new things. I also enjoy walking my dog, cuddling my cats, and gardening. I love nature. The world fascinates me.

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