Monthly Archives: April 2016

If I Give Up On You…


If I ever decide to give up on you, you need to understand how much that took out of me. I’m the type who gives endless chances, always have your back and truly accept you for who you are. When the rest of the world doesn’t want you, I will. So if I decided to give up on you, please understand that it took everything that was left inside of me to leave you alone because I realized we have no more hope left to cling to. It’s not that I stopped loving you, it’s that I became drained and found that I have nothing more left inside of me to give.

~ Enchanting Minds


What Interests Me Most


What interests me the most, is a person’s mind.

Their stories, their thoughts. The memories. The secrets that lay dormant in their head, waiting to be told. I find it so interesting. Cause I have been though a lot. And I am just fascinated by other’s struggles. Everyone has their own struggle. I love learning about someone’s life. How they came to be the person they are today, why they act or talk the way they do. It’s just very interesting.

~ djmelodie/tumblr